Being Heard

by kikicubb

Updated: February 4, 2021

Hello My Lovely Friends!

Over these past few weeks I have taken some time to check out other artists and it does not cease to amaze me how much talent there is out there! Wonderful artists who already have an audience and others who are waiting to be discovered. And this brings me to why it is so hard to get ahead of the pack.

Trying to be heard by the right people is challenging. You are like a grain of sand on a beach. A lot of artists complain about the fact that it is so difficult to succeed in the music business. I agree that there are lots of challenges but in this digital age we live in, we artists, have a huge advantage because of all the different music platforms etc. It is a lot easier to expose your music to a lot of listeners. The audience is ultimately the one who decides what music to listen to by streaming it and spreading the word!

Some people think that you can tell an audience what to like etc…but I have always believed that music is about emotions and feelings and that if an artist manages to touch somebody’s heart in one way or another, then it will resonate with that human being.

So we artists, all have to do our part by working hard, following our inspiration and our heart, give it all and we will ultimately create our own luck!