Finding Inspiration Again

by kikicubb

Updated: February 4, 2021

Hello My Lovely Friends!

I have been blessed in recent months with my creativity. I did finish quite a few new compositions.

But in recent days, I haven’t been able to create as much, if anything at all. I have been wondering if it is like the writer’s block! I guess that it is like for any other artist, from time to time your brain goes blank. Maybe it has to do with the times we are living in now. So much is happening with this global health pandemic. We are all affected by the negativity and the sadness. Maybe it is just as simple as the fact that the brain needs a break from time to time or better yet, the artistic side needs to be renewed in some way. The question is how do you achieve that?

I decided to close myself to any negativity around me right now and let the beauty of nature fill my spirit, especially its sounds. I decided to listen again to all the beautiful music I heard in my recent travels.

I will recharge the battery of my creativity to make my piano sing again!