A New Endeavor

by kikicubb

Updated: February 23, 2023

Hello Everyone,

One of my main goals and dream has always been to have my music be part of a
movie soundtrack. And now I can say that I am actively pursuing this dream. I
have entered a new phase on my musical journey as I am composing for movie, tv
and ads. It is a totally different deal. I must create pieces that fit a
specific demand, in length, tone and vibe.

A lot of those pieces will be shorter. But within this shorter frame, I still
must convey a whole range of emotions and variations in tone and intensity.

As a composer, it is a good thing to broaden my scope of work, experiment with
new things and push the boundaries of my creativity.

In the meantime, have no fear as I will continue creating compositions that will
be released regularly on the music platforms.

I am also actively working on setting a site to offer merchandise with my logo
"Kiki Cubb". So, stay tuned.

The work continues!

Thank you for checking my blog, and for streaming my music.

Until next time.